Behosh EP

Parvaaz's debut EP released on 13th July 2012

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Khufiya Dastan

Khufiya Dastan

Khufiya Dastan is a single launched by Parvaaz on 15th Feb 2013. The song, dealing with metaphorical ideas, has been an integral part of the band's live set and now has finally been put to studio shape.

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Persian for Rain, Baran is the debut LP from Parvaaz. It is a soul-searching music album the songs talking of society's unending materialistic quests and greed.

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Khalid Ahamed

Vocals and Guitars

Mir Kashif Iqbal

Guitars & Vocals

Fidel D'souza

Bass Guitar

Sachin Banandur

Drums & Percussions



Parvaaz came together in 2010 when Khalid Ahmed and Kashif Iqbal, childhood friends from Kashmir, met in Bangalore after a hiatus of about 3 years and decided to jam together. They initially came up with a few basic melodies, but slowly realized that their collaboration had something more to yield than just a few songs. After a different initial line-up, the band finally turned into a four-piece act with Sachin Banandur (December 2010) and Fidel D’Souza (January 2012).

New music followed and soon the band chose five tracks, including the previously released single ‘Dil Khush’ for the debut EP 'Behosh'.

Produced and recorded at Nathaniel School of Music, ‘Behosh’ released July 2012 and went on to become the top selling album on ‘OKListen!’, and topped charts on ‘Nh7’ as well. As part of the EP launch, the band completed a tour covering Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Pune. A music video for ‘Lolmatlai’ followed in December 2012. The album was eventually nominated for TOTO Awards (2012) as well as Gima Awards (2013) for the category of ‘Best Rock Album’.

February 2013 saw the release of the single ‘Khufiya Dastaan’.

Over the years Parvaaz has been part of music festivals including: Fireflies Festival of Music (2011); The Great Indian October Fest, Bangalore (2011); The Big Mushroom Cloud Festival (2011); Roots Festival, Kerela (2012), Storm Festival, Coorg (2012), TAAQademy Festival (2012), IndieMarch Festival, Bangalore (2013 and 2014), Nh7 Weekender Pune and Bangalore (2013), MAD Festival, Ooty (2013), and ZeroMile Festival, Nagpur (2013). The 2013 Mtv Segment ‘Rayban Never Hide Sounds’ featured Parvaaz in collaboration with Raghu Dixit.

The band started recording sessions in October 2013 to start groundwork on the ultimately 58 minute, 8 track album ‘Baran’. The production was entirely crowdfunded with the help of 96 contributors and was released August 13, 2014.

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